1-2-C Master Chimney Sweep Ltd. opened STOVA SHOWROOM in Carshalton on the 19th September 2009.

The new showroom displayes over 30 gas, wood and multi fuel stoves and fireplaces incl. 6 live displays.

Stova is proud to work together with the leading Stove / fireplace and flue companies in Europe.

 Stova showroom       Stova A-frame

Quotes from interview with Sascha Meding Managing Director of 1-2-C Master Chimney Sweep Ltd:

- We guarantee our customers best workmanship and quality products, this of course looks a little expensive at first, but in return the flame of enjoyment and pleasure will be burning even longer.

- There are a lot of ways to package a burning fire we have chosen to do this with highly skilled and honest craftsmanship.

- What you wish to inflame in others, must burn within yourself that is Stova.


DIY job goes up in flames

DIY job goes up in flames

A bungalow was gutted and the owner was left with a massive fine after an illegal DIY job to install a wood burning stove.

Loughborough Magistrates’ Court ordered homeowner, Paul Taylor, to pay £4,323 in fines and costs after he admitted breaching building regulations relating to the installation.

The court heard how the flue was fitted incorrectly and was in direct contact with timber and plastic in the eaves of the bungalow.

Following an investigation by building control, Mr Taylor admitted that he was neither HETAS registered, nor had he applied to Charnwood Borough Council for a building notice for the work.

Bruce Allen, chief executive of HETAS, said: “This case highlights the potential dangers of DIY installation. Thankfully no-one was injured on this occasion, but from a safety point of view, we urge consumers to use a HETAS registered installer to carry out any kind of wood burning appliance installation.”

Householders wanting to install solid fuel or wood burning appliances must either apply for a building notice from their local authority building control department; or they must use a registrant of an appropriate competent persons self-certification scheme such as HETAS

 Bruce Allen


New CO2 neutral factory and space heaters

The Stova range of fabbri wood burning workshop heaters have heat outputs from 28 to a huge 407 kW.

These innovative Hot Air Generators are suitable for the combustion of all types of dry wood and clean secondary wood waste Wood burns about 4 to 5 times more efficiently in an  enclosed furnace, designed for the purpose, than on an open fire.

Enormous quantities of waste wood are sent to land fill each year, and for many industries which produce wood waste, paying to have it removed is money which could not only be saved, but put to good use.

Many companies produce or accumulate wood which can be burnt to heat large areas such as factories or workshops.

Space heaters are designed to consume any size or mixture of wood waste and once installed can provide ‘free’ hot air via the top mounted outlet ducts.

They are designed for simple easy operation with minimum maintenance and long operational life. Add a few small pieces of dry wood and paper and light, adding additional wood as heat is required. The ventilation fan for distributing hot air starts and stops automatically. For summer operation the ventilation fans can be  used for cooling air movement.

Ordinary maintenance means the removal of the deposited ashes by opening the door. Once or twice a year, perform a general cleaning of the internal heat exchanger.

The fuelling and heat exchanger are constructed of high grade stainless steel for long life, with no fire bricks to change.

The return on investment is quick and clearly visible. By using wood which otherwise would require costs to remove and alternative fossil fuel heating you will not only reduce operational costs but improve heating and reduce your CO” foot print.