Why should I buy from Stova?

Our experience and commitment to quality control. It’s that simple. In just the past four years (from 2005), we’ve offered over 2,500 clients services that ranged from stove repairs to full design and installation projects.

What should I get: a fireplace or a stove?

This depends on a number of variables and aesthetic considerations. How big is the space you want heated, for instance? Which will match your interior décor? Have a chat with our friendly and knowledgeable Stova staff.

Why might I choose an enclosed fire appliance like a stove?

First of all, there is no smoky smell. More importantly, it’s generally more efficient as less heat is lost, while wood consumption, soot and ash are kept to a minimum. In the long run, this translates into a substantial financial saving.

Are fireplaces and stoves environmentally friendly?

Absolutely. First of all, wood is a renewable resource. Firewood comes primarily from
domestic forests and does not need to be treated or processed the way oil and gas do.
More importantly, wood is carbon neutral: burning wood releases the same amount of carbon dioxide that it extracted from the atmosphere during its lifetime.

Am I allowed to burn wood in my neighbourhood?

Again, check with our Stova staff. Many of our enclosed fire appliances are DEFRA approved, which means they can burn wood even in smoke controlled areas such as London and Birmingham.

Can I install the fireplace, cooker or stove myself?

As long as you are absolutely familiar with all the regulations and laws, and have sought the
relevant approvals, you can certainly do the installation yourself. Generally though, most of
our clients prefer to leave the hard work to us.

What do I need to do before lighting the fire for the first time?

You must arrange for a planning officer to inspect the installation. Ask our Stova staff for
assistance in this regard. We also recommend you attend one of our beginner’s courses.
Call 020 87701630.

Can I just use any kind of firewood?

No. Firewood should have a residual moisture content of less than 20 per cent. Damp wood
is inefficient and very smoky; it also produces excess soot and causes tar to form in the
chimney. This in turn can result in chimney fires. Stova delivers kiln-dried wood.

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