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There are several reasons why Stova are the leading domestic and commercial specialists in wood-fired stoves, fireplaces and cookers.

The first is our pedigree. Our founder Sascha Meding is a qualified heating specialist who’s been in the business for nearly two decades. He sits on several industry boards which means he’s kept up to date and is able to offer Stova clients the latest technological developments and products long before anyone else can.

The second is our belief that your investment in your home and office also requires an equal investment on our part. Hence our philosophy of only delivering the best, whether it be a quality product, the knowledgeable advice on how one stove differs from another, expert service from our team of qualified and experienced specialists, or our friendly after-sales maintenance.

And because every space is different, Stova offers a custom-made service: each client receives the kind of attention and support that is the envy of the industry. Before we place a single order with our global suppliers, every single step of our made-to-measure service has been carefully considered. We ask each client the important questions. What are your needs for this room? Which is the right appliance for you? How can we best install it?

Stova engineers are Hetas approved. But most importantly, we are an eco-sensitive company. And that’s not empty PR spin. We recycle at least 90 per cent of waste from the packaging our appliances come in, right down to the bricks, timber and plaster-boards generated from the installation.

At Stova, we’re committed to ensuring our clients get not just the best appliance and product for their needs, but something that will last for a very long time. Our goal is to provide not just warmth (literally), but also long-term peace of mind.

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